Dr. Azzy's Genetic Comparator

This tool will allow you to compare the damage dealt by two different sets of genetic stats and gear. Enter your stats without either of the two items of gear you are comparing under base stats, and then enter the modifiers provided by each set of gear in the other two columns. Defensive calculations are beyond the scope of this calculator.

Update 3/28/2013: Fixed damage calculations, added damage calc for CC (note that this is before enemy def - but it doesn't matter for determining which weapon is better)

Update 4/3/2013: Corrected to account for patch introduced last night. This involves improved treatment of weapon elements.

Update 12/15/2013: Corrected several issues with CC; Cannonballs are like satk, not eatk, weapon mastries also act like satk. Added support for weapon masteries. Added calculation of DPS with CC.

Don't forget:

  • Include bonuses from HBP/FAW if you get them
  • DPS calculations assume you have no delay reduction
  • For all +% mods, enter the percentage without the % symbol, ie for +20%, you enter 20. Not 0.2 or 20% or 1.2
  • Calculate +% damage mods correctly. Different types multiply, same type adds
  • +% Matk effects are +% Magic Damage.
  • +% Atk effects are +% Physical Damage.
  • All damage is reported before defense.
  • Only damage for CC is adjusted for element
  • Element damage calculations assume you're using endows/weapon/converters, NOT mild wind
  • Acid Bomb damage is reported before accounting for monster vit - Mouse over the reported numbers for an approximation of damage after accounting for vit (this isn't exact, because of the game's bizzare rounding behavior)
  • Base level is assumed to be 150. The difference is fairly small.
  • Base Case:Case 1:Case 2:
    Weap Level
    +% Physical
    +% Magic
    +% Ranged
    % Cast Reduction
    Cart Boost Level
    Sword Mastery Level
    Axe Mastery Level
    Size Mod
    Weap Element
    Target Element
    Target VIT
    CC (Min)
    CC (Avg)
    CC (Max)
    CC Cast Time
    CC DPS
    AB (Min)
    AB (Avg)
    AB (Max)