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I have stopped playing RO


It has been more than a year since I logged into RO, and much longer since I was truly active. It's time to face the fact that I don't play RO anymore. This means that I am not doing any work on AzzyAI anymore except merging tested (honor system) PR's on github. Thanks for all the good times!

AzzyAI 1.551 updated


Version 1.551 updated to fix a trivial error that was causing people to crash with errors on AzzyUtil line 1376. The version number does not change. Get it at the downloads page!

AzzyAI 1.551 released


This should fix a few pathing issues introduced in 1.551, as well as the bug that made low-aspd homuns jump around while attacking monsters as if dancing, even when UseDanceAttack is disabled. This should greatly help with the pathing hangs encountered in 1.551. Get it at the downloads page!

Website update


A few changes have been made to make it easier to update this page. Please report any issues - I don't think it broke anything elsewhere, but I did change the CSS for the whole site, so there may be unforseen consequences elsewhere.

AzzyAI 1.55 released!


Volcanic Ash autocast support now available! This update also fixes issues with grappler mode, painkiller pathing while the owner is mobbed, and AoEFixedLevel. This also adds enhanced logging of config errors, better logging of PROVOKE_ST (that being the state the homun is in while using a targeted buff - which usually isn't provoke; the naming is historical, as prior to the Homun S update, it was only used for mercenaries to buff their employer), and an option to log all actions taken in the name of the LagReduction option. LagReduction can now be set to send less than 1 command per AI cycle. Finally, this changes the default use of Lava Slide and Poison Mist to cast on owner, and fixes some problems with the GUI.

Go get it at the downloads page
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AzzyAI 1.541 released


Bug-fix release for issue in 1.54 that could cause client freeze.

Go get it at the downloads page!

AzzyAI 1.54 officially released!


This fixes a large number of movement-related regressions since the 9/4 client update, including homun hangs, obstacle avoidance issues, and chase failures. While I had earlier had high hopes for improvements enabled by that update, it has turned into a nightmare, as invalid movements which were previously handled intelligently are now entirely ignored. AzzyAI 1.54 should deal better with these changes.

Go get it at the downloads page!

AzzyAI 1.53 officially released!


This introduces the new LiveMobID feature, as well as a large number of fixes. Now, if you have a mercenary and homun out at the same time, you can use tactics for specific monsters on the mercenary just like you can on the homunculus! Of course, this only works if you have both out at once, as the homunculus is passing the identities of monsters to the mercenary. A number of regressions in 1.52 should be fixed here as well.

Go get it at the downloads page!

AzzyAI 1.52 officially released!


This fixes issues with poison mist not being kept up, and features improvements in obstacle handling enabled by new functionality in the 9/4 client. Also adds the option to cast silent breeze on yourself to heal you.

Get it at the downloads page!

AzzyAI 1.50 officially released!


At long last!

Get it at the downloads page!

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