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AzzyAI 1.551

AzzyAI 1.551 is the latest version of AzzyAI. Now that Volcanic Ash does not harm allies, we add support for autocast of Volcanic Ash as a debuff attack. This version also adds some improvements to movement (particularly with painkiller), a few Eleanor bugfixes, and enhancements to the LagReduction option. 1.551 fixes some issues with the movement and pathing in 1.55

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AzzyAI 1.41

This is the previous version of AzzyAI; it no longer works on iRO, and is included for historical purposes only. This version has full support for Homunculus S and properly handles movement under post-Move()-change RO. Due to an unfortunate set of circulstances, AzzyAI 1.40 does not, and will not, feature a fully functional configuration GUI. The current configuration GUI is the version used with 1.35. Additional options are included in H_Extra.lua, which - in theory - should be editable using the GUI. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work (unsurprisingly, that's the only part of the GUI code I wrote myself - I have little experience with the MSVC++ language, which the GUI was written in), so configuration of options added in 1.40 must be done by editing files in Notepad.

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AzzyAI 1.35

AzzyAI 1.35 is a pre-renewal release of AzzyAI. It is available only as a historical reference - no support is offered for this version. It will not work correctly on any server which has the Move() changes introduced at some point after the renewal patch, nor will it work on servers with the Homunculus S system.

Download AzzyAI 1.35

Default AI as of 9/4/2014 on iRO

This is the default AI used on iRO as of the september 4th 2013 update.

Download the 9/4 default AI

MobID Generation AI

This is a replacement for the default AI (it is a slightly modified default AI) which allows gathering of MobID files, and recording the type ID's of actors seen (for example, to get the type ID of a new event monster in order to ignore it). See the forum thread for more information:

Download the MobID Generation AI

twRO + Turnin map lag mod

Some servers lag really badly when an AI sends frequent commands; twRO is one of those servers. Additionally, it has recently been found that crowded maps on iRO, particularly the Gramps Turnin maps suffer the same problem. The symptom of this issue is that when the homunculus is out, the player will notice lag which feels like network/queue lag,. For users on those servers, this plugin will limit the frequency that the AI sends commands at, thus preventing the lag; This will reduce performance on servers that don't have this lag problem. As of AzzyAI 1.51 this is included as part of the main AI; It can be enabled by simply setting LagRedution to true in the config program.

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