How do I install AzzyAI?

    Note: If you are using Windows Vista or later with UAC enabled, RO must be installed to a location outside the 'Program Files' or 'Program Files (x86)' folders, otherwise windows will block the installation.

  1. Extract the contents of the download. It will contain a folder named, for example, "AzzyAI 1.40". Open this folder. If there is another similarly named folder in it, open that one too (some zip extracting software does that). There should be about 2 dozen files and a "data" folder (if using 1.50 or later).

  2. Copy all of the files (and the data folder, for 1.50 and later) to USER_AI The USER_AI folder is located inside the AI folder in the Ragnarok Online folder. The files must be placed in the USER_AI folder - NOT in a folder inside USER_AI.

    Image showing USER_AI folder after proper AI installation

    WARNING: Do not modify the files in the AI folder, only the ones in USER_AI.

    Tip: If you want to keep your current AI for your mercenary, and only use AzzyAI for homun, do NOT replace AI_M.lua. To keep current homun AI, and use AzzyAI for mercenary, do NOT replace AI.lua.

  3. Log into RO and test the AI. Log into your character in Ragnarok Online (the game does not need to be restarted), type /hoai (for homunculus) or /merai (for mercenaries) until it says that the AI has been customized. Check that the AI is working.

    Tip: The easiest way to check that it is working is to walk in one direction, one cell at a time. AzzyAI will hold a constant distance of 2 cells behind you (by default), while the default AI will move to a random cell next to you when you move more than 2 cells from it.

  4. Customize the AI settings (if needed). Run the included AzzyAIConfig program (in USER_AI) to configure AI options to suit your needs. See the documentation for more information on AI configuration options.

Does AzzyAI work on the Classic server? Does it work on other servers?

Yes. All recent versions of AzzyAI support both classic and renewal on all officially licensed RO servers, with the following exceptions

  • Homunculus S options do not work on servers without the Homun S system.
  • Versions prior to 1.40 have obstacle handling problems on renewal servers due to changes in the behavior of the Move() command.
  • Versions prior to 1.40 do not load on some renewal servers, due to changes in the client LUA implementation.
  • The AzzyAIConfig tool for versions prior to 1.50 does not work on computers where a symbol other than a dot (.) is used as the decimal separator. This is corrected in 1.50.
  • AzzyAI does not work on illegal private servers using eAthena. It may or may not work on those based on Aegis. There are no plans to support eA servers unless someone pays me to do so.

Can I keep my settings when I update AzzyAI?

If you are upgrading within the same major version (1.3x, 1.4x, 1.5x, for example), yes. If you are updating to a new major version, these settings cannot be retained. The settings are stores in H_Config, H_Tactics, and H_Extra for homunculus, and M_Config, M_Tactics and M_Extra for mercenary.

The AI behaves just like the basic AI, or I receive an error that ./AI/USER_AI/AI.lua cannot be found

Either you forgot /hoai or /merai (note that you must resummon homun or relog after entering that command), or the AI is installed improperly. The most frequent mistake is leaving the files in the AzzyAI folder, inside of USER_AI. You must take the files inside the AzzyAI folder, and put them into USER_AI, or issues related to UAC on windows Vista and later (see below)

The AI behaves just like the basic AI, and I installed it correctly. I am running Windows Vista or Windows 7, RO is installed in program files, and UAC is not disabled

This configuration is unsupported, because UAC interferes with installation of the AI. Either move the RO folder to an unprotected location (for example, create C:/games and put RO in there), or disable UAC. After doing this, delete the USER_AI folder, and create a new folder called USER_AI in the same location, and reinstall the AI.

I receive an error that ./AI/AI.lua cannot be found

You deleted the contents of the AI folder - you are only supposed to delete the contents of the USER_AI folder. Download the default AI and copy the three basic files to the AI folder. The client attempts to load the basic AI first, even if it is using the custom AI and hence will be ignoring the basic AI.

I receive an error when I try to run the GUI configuration utility

The GUI configuration utility requires the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Why won't my mercenary attack Ant Eggs (or other stationary monsters)?

Because mercenaries can't identify monster types, the AI has to make guesses about which targets ought to be attacked. By default, AzzyAI will assume any stationary monster which has not been seen attacking is an herb plant which it should not waste time attacking. To make it attack these kinds of monsters, disable the "AutoDetectPlants" option in the mercenary configuration

What's the best configuration for a Sera with Poison Mist in OD2?

Set UseSeraPoisonMist to True, PoisonMistMode to Idle (1) and enable AoEReserveSP. Tactics: Zenorc, Steel Chonchon - ignore, never skill (these will die in the mist). Drainliar: Snipe Low, skill class old. Orc Skel: Snipe Medium, skill class old. Orc Archer: React High, uncheck Snipe OK. Try to set up in an area where lots of Zenorcs run back and forth between other alchemists. The Poison Mist will aggro the zenorcs (and chonchons) as they try to pick up loot. They will then rush to attack the Sera, while the poison mist kills them. Meanwhile, your homun will spend it's time killing the Zenorcs (which don't die to mist) and orc archers.

Why is the GUI in 1.40 so bad?

1.40 uses the GUI from 1.35, because the new GUI (which has been entirely rewritten) would not be ready in time, and would unduely delay the release. As a result, many options in 1.40 are in H_Extra instead of the GUI proper. 1.50 features a new GUI which supports all new options.

What if I have multiple homuns on one computer and need different configurations for them?

In 1.40, we introduce the OnInit() function. This is called once just after the AI initializes, and can be used to change configuration options or even load alternate configuration options. This is most useful for setting OldHomunType, but any option can be changed. Here are some examples - add them to H_Extra.lua

Example 1: you have 1 homun per account: Get account id(s) off ropd, and plug it in something like what is shown below - In this example, the genetic on account 1 has a homun that used to be a filir, the one on account 2 has a homun that used to be a lif.

function OnInit()
    local owner=GetV(V_OWNER,MyID)
    if owner==account-id-1 then
    elseif owner==account-id-2 then

Option 2: we can identify the homuns by their types, for example, we have a lif -> Eira and an Amistr -> Bayeri

function OnInit()
    local htype=GetV(V_HOMUNTYPE,MyID)
    if htype==EIRA then
    elseif htype==BAYERI then

You can even use different config or tactics files using require:

function OnInit()
    local htype=GetV(V_HOMUNTYPE,MyID)
    if htype==EIRA then
    elseif htype==BAYERI then

How do I get monster-specific tactics for mercenaries?

It is strongly recommended that you do not, as the process is difficult - there is currently no way for mercenaries to identify monsters. It can be done using a MobID file, which correlates actor IDs to monster type - this is a lot of work to set up, and the work has to be repeated after every maint. I will write up the process at some point in the future. The GUI for 1.50 will prevent you from defining tactics which require a MobID file if you do not have one; this will hopefully clear up confusion around this feature

I love AzzyAI, how can I show my support?

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. You can show your support via paypal:

Alternately, you can send a Warpportal Virtual Gift Card to

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