Product Catalog

Prototyping and Project boards

I sell a variety of prototyping and project boards based on the traditional "solderable breadboard" sort of prototyping board, with groups of holes on 0.1" grid connected in groups of 2-4. These boards are made to the same standards as my other boards - doublesided, with plated through holes and vibrant solder mask. Many of these boards include footprints for surface mount parts broken out to groups of holes, allowing you to easily integrate SMD parts into your prototypes and one-off projects.

ATtiny breakout boards

There are a great many very exciting ATtiny microcontrollers that are only available in surface mount packages. I sell a line of simple breakout boards that provide pads for an ATtiny microcontroller with an ISP programming header and FTDI header (where appropriate) with autoreset, as well as pads for crystal, voltage regulator, and other basic supporting components. I maintain Arduino cores compatible with all the ATtiny processors supported by these boards, so they can all be programmed through the familiar Arduino IDE.

The most popular models are available assembled; all are available as bare boards

Other products

I also sell a number of MOSFET breakout boards, touch sensors, and