Espruino Bigram builds

This contains the Bigram binaries for the Espruino Board version 1.3. These are built automatically every night at about 1:10 AM EST. The background for this is that although the Espruino Board v1.3 ships with the STM32F103RCT6, with 48k ram (2250 jsvars) and 256k of flash, all boards so far tested have a full 64k of ram (3250 jsvars), and 512k of flash. These builds make use of the full memory. As of 8/4/2014, jsvars are now 16 bytes in main branch, so from the 8/5/2014 build onward, these will have 3250 jsvars, not 2600. You will likely have to use flashclear.js if you've save()'ed with previous bigram versions.

A word of caution - periodically, the format that jsvars are stored when you save() will change. When this happens, new bigram builds will not work if you've previously save()'ed a program on another bigram build - the typical symptom is that the Espruino will be unresponsive except in bootloader mode. To address this problem, flash a version of the firmware that works (ie, the version you had before, or the newest version of the normal builds), and run the code in flashclear.js


6/14/2015 - Updated to work with new version number format. Note that now old changelog links don't work.

4/15/2015 - ESP8266 builds dropped (see for more details about the new way to interface with ESP8266 wifi modules. ESP8266 builds are no longer supported, and may never have worked.

I am not associated with the Espruino project except as a passionate user, and these build are all provided without any warranty. If there are any problems with this page or the builds, contact @DrAzzy on the Espruino forums:

Filename:URL to use in Espruino
espruino_1v91.66_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.66_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.65_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.65_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.60_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.60_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.604_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.604_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.599_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.599_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.598_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.598_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.56_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.56_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.564_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.564_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.560_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.560_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.558_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.558_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.548_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.548_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.533_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.533_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.49_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.49_1r3_bigram.bin log
espruino_1v91.42_1r3_bigram_wiznet.bin log
espruino_1v91.42_1r3_bigram.bin log