Espruino builds for Nucleo F401

As I am now using Espruino on Nucleo boards, I needed a source of up-to-date binaries, since the official github builds are only provided for the official boards. Might as well make them available. These are generated by cloning the repo, and building it without any modification. Support for these boards is in an early state, and they should not be expected to be 100% working.

Many NucleoF401 boards default to running at 16 mhz instead of 84. These boards are marked MB1136 C-01 (boards marked C-02 are okay). To fix this, on the underside of the board, locate the two jumpers: SB16 MCO on the ST-link side of the board, and SB50 MCO on the main section of the board. In the C-01 boards, these are left open - close them with a dab of solder. Now your Nucleo will run at 84mhz.

6/14/2015 - Updated to work with new version number format. Note that now old changelog links don't work.

4/15/2015 - ESP8266 builds dropped (see for more details about the new way to interface with ESP8266 wifi modules. Between 2/22 and now, changelogs have not been showing up. That has been fixed.

I am not associated with the Espruino project except as a passionate user, and these build are all provided without any warranty.

espruino_1v91.66_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.66_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.65_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.65_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.60_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.60_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.604_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.604_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.599_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.599_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.598_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.598_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.56_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.56_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.564_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.564_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.560_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.560_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.558_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.558_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.548_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.548_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.533_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.533_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.49_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.49_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v91.42_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v91.42_nucleof401re.binChange log
espruino_1v90.12_nucleof401re_wiznet.binChange log
espruino_1v90.12_nucleof401re.binChange log