Dr. Azzy's Electronics

Product Information

We produce a variety of products for the industrial and hobby electronics industry. We specialize in prototyping and breakout boards, boards to support development on the Atmel ATTiny product line, particularly using the Arduino IDE, and high performance MOSFET logic level MOSFET driver boards. We also offer an economical breakout board customized for the Microchip RN2483 and RN2903 LoRAWAN transciever modules which breaks out all IO lines (including the ones for programming the on-board microcontroller).

ATtiny Arduino Core

We maintain the most comprehensive Arduino core for the ATTiny product line - virtually every ATTiny microcontroller with 2k of flash or more is supported. We realize that people use Arduino in semi-production environments, and accordingly place a high priority on backwards compatiblity. Full information and documentation is available on github:

Espruino Bigram and Nucleo Nightlies

We automatically build the Espruino firmware for the STM32 Nucleo F401 and F411 boards, and the "bigram" firmware for the original Espruino board automatically every night, and are presented here (no build verification is performed) - As of mid 2017, this build process was broken by changes to Espruino versioning. The quality of the recent Espruino releases has been excellent, and relevant regressions very rare - this has reduced the need for these nightly builds to pull in fixes. Accordingly fixing the build process has been placed on the back burner for the time being.