Dr. Azzy's Electronics

Product Information

I produce and sell a variety of circuit boards for the electronics hobbyist through my Tindie store, including project prototyping board, breakout boards for ATtiny microcontrollers and more. Expanded information and resources for my products is available from the products section of my website.

ATtiny Arduino Core

I maintain an Arduino core for almost every device in the Atmel ATtiny product line. Previously, there were two cores - these have been combined into one. I also sell breakout boards for almost all of these ATtiny processors in my Tindie store.

Espruino Bigram and Nucleo Nightlies

I automatically build the Espruino firmware for the STM32 Nucleo F401 and F411 boards, and the "bigram" firmware for the original Espruino board automatically every night, and are presented here (no build verification is performed)

SMT Pin header Eagle Library

I've expanded on the pinhead library to include 0.1" surface mount pin header, 2mm pin header, and 0.05" pin header.

Home-made circuit boards

In the past, I etched circuit boards at home, mostly breakout boards for ATtiny series microcontrollers. These designs are available for those who etch their own boards, and as examples of how board designs can be modified to improve yield when making boards at home.